Be Worthy

Be Worthy

Yesterday morning I woke up at 1:45am with an idea for a book and I got to work.

I estimate the book could take at least 7-10 years, so I thought a first draft at a first page was significant progress.

It's odd that we wake up with ideas. Not all these ideas are necessarily good or to be trusted, but I think there's some value or merit in following them for, at least, some amount of time.

I thought I'd share the first page with you of what's currently titled, Be Worthy.

Becoming Worthy. That’s what, for the longest time, I thought this book would be titled. But there is no end to creating a life of worthiness, it’s about what we do moment to moment to moment.

In James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits, Clear writes how the root word of identity is “repeated beingness.” Only what we do repeatedly can help us be the type of person we want to be.

In a world ripe with entitlement, I’d encourage us to aim instead: Be Worthy.

Though the word ‘worthy’ today is often tied to a sense of monetary value, we need not look too far back to find that the word ‘worthy’ meant to repeatedly be excellent, honorable, and suited to a role.

This book is designed to help you be suited well to the role you have or the role you wish to play.

This is not a book that can help you immediately become anything: worthy, rich, loving, …

This is a book that can help you more consistently be excellent and feel worthy.

Through repeatedly being worthy — we can create a life of meaning.

Let’s begin.

I laugh that I write "for the longest time" when there was no more than 30 minutes between the inception of the idea and my writing of this first draft...

Yet at the same time, I've spent plenty of time thinking I could arrive at some destination, that I could be exonerated...and that's not the case. We have to consistently be that which we want to be, and if we want to be worthy of being a great family member, community member, spouse, or whatever role it may be, we have to show up as such, consistently.

As mentioned above, the idea for this book may not be good. I share with the intention of sticking with an idea just a little bit longer than is comfortable. I encourage you to trust whatever reveals itself for you in our final days of 2021 and as we lead into 2022.

If not for your next idea or insight, for the one after.