Many of us will cast a vote in November. We'll actually cast millions of votes by then - we'll cast many today.

How we spend our money casts a vote for who and what we care about and the world we want to see.

How we spend our time and attention casts a vote towards becoming the person we want to become and the people we want to spend our lives with.

The way we treat ourselves casts a vote, whether in favor of or detracting from, the health, confidence, and vitality we wish to have.

Each vote not only affects a given category of our lives but also the underlying system. Everything works together. When we take a small action to cast a vote that is in alignment with the person we wish to be, we build momentum and confidence. When we vote with small actions against our best wishes, we undermine our self-efficacy and trust.

If just once per day we choose a walk over social media, we shop local instead of supporting mega-corporations, we read a book instead of the news, we say hi to our neighbors instead of blocking them out with headphones, we reach out to an old friend instead of doing whatever else happens when our well-intentioned plans fall to the side, we'll have casted a vote, no matter how small, towards the type of person and world we want to see. Every vote counts, right?

Whether we're conscious of them or not, we will cast hundreds of votes today. Your inner you is not asking for all of your votes, just one more than you may otherwise give. They are asking for one more small action, one kind gesture, one vote. Cast a vote you can be proud of today.