Checking the Box

Checking the Box

Today I am again checking the box and showing up, just not quite in the way I want to.

Lately it has been a struggle to create and share in the way I wish to for you.

I considered skipping today's article even though it would've broken a consistent streak of sharing.

I suppose I decided to show up to remind myself and us that things won't be as easy as we thought they would or as we hoped they might, and that's okay.

I'm excited to explore how I can get back on track with my writing.

If you're open to it, I would love to hear which article(s) that I've shared have resonated with or impacted you in some way.

I unfortunately don't get to speak with most of you often and thus don't have a great grasp of what has been helpful or insightful and how I can be of help moving forward.

My only goal in doing this is to make a positive impact on your life, no matter how small.

As always, thank you for reading.