There is a common strategy in coaching where when a client raises a question or obstacle, a Coach will ask their client, "what if you knew the answer?" Or put another way, "what if you were the person who knew the answer?" Those two questions are slightly different iterations that touch on the same universal truth: the answer is inside of you.

Usually when posed with this inquiry, the client answers quickly. They already knew the answer, they were just hesitant to pursue it. Or, they hadn't stepped back far enough to actually ask this question of themselves.

I plan to touch on the benefits of coaching in another article, so I want to keep this super simple: trust yourself.

Your Coach doesn't know what's best for you any better than you do - neither does your partner, neither does society.

When we truly allow ourselves to disconnect, to breathe, and to feel into what we know to be true, answers reveal themselves. The answers will not immediately lead to happiness, or what your purpose is or will become, but it can lead you to take the next step. It can lead you to do the thing you need in that moment.

It's amazing how long we can go without checking in with ourselves. How often do you ask:

  • Am I nourishing myself well?
  • Am I doing things I enjoy?
  • What am I doing that isn't in alignment with my values?
  • What could I be doing differently?

Take the time to step back, reflect, and ask the questions you feel are important to ask. Creating the space to ask these questions will allow for answers to come through that help you flourish. When those answers come through, just remember the most important part: trust yourself.