I'm happy to announce that Andie and I got engaged this past weekend. It was a lovely weekend spent doing many of our favorite things.

As much as I want to simply celebrate our engagement, I always aim to leave you with something to consider — and if I do things right, there's also the chance that you take action because of something I share.

The practice of savoring is something I enjoyed this past weekend and encourage you to try. I consider it to be a mixture of gratitude, presence, and conscious acknowledgement.

I was grateful for the beautiful weather, our cozy Airbnb, and for the fact that I'm not only lucky to have met Andie, but to have become good friends, started a relationship, and then to have become engaged.

I was present to the cool summer air, the joy of Leon experiencing a beach for the first time (video below), and the beauty of Andie's eyes and smile.

And lastly, I had conscious acknowledgement that this was and is a special time. I was aware of the fact that we're extremely lucky to live where we do, to be able to take a weekend out of town, and to know each other.

I can safely say that I savored our engagement this past weekend and that I look forward to savoring so much more with my gorgeous fiancé.