A Clear Target

A Clear Target

A clear target is helpful.

A clear target ensures we've done the reflection required to decide what's truly most important to move towards.

If all goes perfectly, this is what I would like to happen.

A clear target informs next steps.

And, a clear target can be altered when it's determined that the original target is not the most appropriate or desirable one.

As part of earning a Certification from the Optimize Coach Program, one is required to either (a) finish a Spartan Race or (b) propose their own idiosyncratic challenge.

Given that many Spartan Races have been cancelled in the past couple of years, most people in the program have proposed their own challenge.

I'm always amazed by what they come up with. We have an audacious and inspiring community.

Often times our team is ready to approve the challenge our community members set for themselves.

Though sometimes, the clarity in their target isn't crystallized. This provides our team with the opportunity to ask questions such as:

  • What specifically is your goal here?
  • Of everything you mentioned, what is your top priority?
  • What specific outcome would lead to you calling this challenge a success?

Those questions, or questions similar, often cause an "Aha!" They help our Community become clear on what exactly their goal is, and what it isn't. We all benefit from that clarity.

Though you might not be submitting a challenge for the Optimize Coach program or otherwise, you can use variations of the above questions to gain clarity on whatever your target may be.

What's your target?

How can you gain a little more clarity on that target today?

Let's do this.