Action Negates Overthinking

Action Negates Overthinking

We ALL have a tendency to overthink things. We come up with an idea or a goal we're excited to move towards only to follow it up with rumination, what-if's, and endless scenarios of what might or might not happen in the future.

Intentional planning and reflection are useful, overthinking is not.

To avoid overthinking, we want to get in the habit of more consistently moving into action. Only through action can we move towards that which we want or that we're curious about, and only through that action can we learn about how to best proceed.

I could think and re-think what I want to write each week, but at some point, ideally sooner than later, I need to start typing. I need to get started and then be willing to continue to take action.

Recognize our collective tendency to overtheorize and instead aim to more consistently take action.