Coffee brings me joy every morning. Though in retrospect this is obvious, I hadn't previously made the conscious realization that:

Coffee = Joy

Following this realization, I took a moment to think of how nice it would be if anything else brought as much consistent joy as coffee does. And then I paused. There are things that bring me joy consistently, I just don't do them consistently.

It was a true "Aha!" moment. I get to enjoy coffee each day, because I drink coffee each day (or, at least 360/365).

But there are things I garner joy from every time I do them, that I don't do often at all. Why is this?

We like to overcomplicate things, and make joy and happiness harder than they need to be.

Instead of overcomplicating things, I went the opposite way as I told myself: do more of what brings you joy.

What brings you joy? And how can you do more of what brings you joy just a little more often?

There's a lot that brings me joy: walking, reading, listening to music, making good breakfasts, conversing with friends...and yet some days I go without any of these things, why? Awareness, I suppose.

I hadn't made the conscious connection to what truly brings me joy, and how it doesn't need to be any more complicated than simply doing these things more often.

So today I'll do more of what brings me joy. How about you?