Clarity in prioritizing what we know works for us enables us to creatively explore the rest of our day.


What are you not willing to negotiate? What needs to happen in order for you to have a good day? A good week? For me, it's sleep. Sure, I can do okay with one poor night of sleep, but not two.

More than just sleep though, I need a certain amount of time alone each week, time to read, time for walking, time to listen to music. What are your non-negotiables?

The idea of prioritizing sleep, or any other activity you enjoy can feel restrictive, or induce the feeling of guilt.

Well, if I give myself a 9 hour window to sleep, then I don't have time for X, Y, and Z.

It's just the opposite. Clarity in prioritizing what we know works for us enables us to creatively explore the rest of our day. With a solid night's sleep, I'm ready for anything.

It's like searching for a home, you use filters. You don't just look at every home on the planet. You look at homes for sale, in a certain area, over or under a certain price, over or under a certain # of bedrooms and square feet, and then you begin to more seriously pursue what might be next for you. The non-negotiables in our life should work just as they do in our dream home. We start with the things that fill us up and not just hope that they just happen to work into our schedule.

Without first filling our days with what we know works, our days can become erratic and get away from us. We can end a week without doing any of the things we enjoy doing.

What are your non-negotiables? We want to have extreme clarity on what matters to us, and what we will create the time for.

Then, craft your day’s and your week’s around those things.

What needs to happen to ensure that you do have an hour a week for painting, 30 minutes per day for exercise, and two hours per weekend for hiking?

When we get clear on and prioritize our non-negotiables, it’s amazing what will naturally fall away.

And the best part? The activities that fill you up will allow you to show up with even more radiance for all the other aspects of your life, including for those you love dearly.
And one last time I ask, what are your non-negotiables?

(Tell me, I’d love to know!)