Return to Presence

Return to Presence

It's in the smallest of moments, the smallest of decisions, that help us to create (or not) the day we set out to create.

I've found that the more we return to presence, through the power of our breath, the better chance we have at creating the space necessary to be intentional in our choices and deliberate with our actions.

Back to those small moments...take a deep breath right now.

Become truly present to this moment.

No lamenting on the past, no predictions of the future.

Simply rest in this moment.

Another deep breath...

What's one thing you're grateful for in this moment?

What's one thing you're proud of today?

What's one thing you're excited for tomorrow?

The breath allows us to slow down to create the space required to ask such questions.

Return to presence as often as you can.

One more deep breath.

You're awesome and...

You're doing great.

Lots of love.