As Granted: Trash Collection

As Granted: Trash Collection

Are you taking your trash collection services for granted? I was.

Though I try to practice gratitude often, our modern world makes it all too easy to slip from taking something as granted, to for granted.

I took for granted the fact that someone comes to our home every week to pick up our trash and recyclables, until they didn't.

Then I realized what a remarkable service this is...we're very lucky.

Not only to have trash collectors — but to all the people, technology, and systems that support us to make life easier than ever before.

I'm using our blip in trash collection service as an opportunity to bring more of my attention to gratitude. Without checking in occasionally it's easy to lose sight of what we're taking for granted.

What are you taking for granted?

Think of one or two things right now...

Is what you thought of available in every other part of the world?

Was it available to those who lived 50 years ago?

If your answer to either of the above questions is, "no", then it's something we can acknowledge for the absolute gift that it is and take it as granted (luckily, to us), and not for granted.