Showing Up

We need to have targets in order to know when we've missed the mark.

Showing Up

Life has been hectic! Puppy + holidays + big shifts at work = loads of fun and continual navigation of changes in schedule and life as it was.

Just 20 minutes ago I thought, "It's probably about time to start drafting an article for tomorrow morning's release..."

Oh wait, it's Wednesday. I already missed the mark, perfect.

We need to have targets in order to know when we've missed the mark. My target has been sharing a new article with you every Wednesday at 9am Central. I missed that mark today. In missing that mark I don't make a big deal of it (I wonder if you even noticed?!), I simply asked what I want, and set a new target. 🎯

I decided that I want to show up and share something with you today, so here I am. I made a commitment to myself and you that I would share a new article with you every week in 2020. One more to go, we've got this!

Thank you for being here for all of it. It's very hard to express how much it means to me, but know that I sincerely appreciate every single person who has decided to tune in for what I've shared weekly in 2020. (You can read every article I've shared here.)

Which brings me to a question: how can I best serve you in 2021?

  • Have these articles been helpful? If so, how? As detailed as you're willing to share, I'd love to hear.
  • What can I do to improve your life?
  • What feedback do you have on my writing and/or articles?

Any feedback you can share, positive, negative, or neutral, is much appreciated.

Happy Holidays to you all.

With lots of love and gratitude,