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This Moment

No future moment is guaranteed, we only have this moment, and this one, and this one...

This Moment

The other day I saw a headline with the name Tony Hsieh.

I thought, Tony Hsieh, Tony Hsieh, why do I know that name?

I was then reminded that Hsieh was formerly the CEO of Zappos. When I was in Business School, Zappos, and by extension, Tony Hsieh, we're talked of highly and were often used as great examples of what's possible when building a business. He always put the focus on the customer, and it paid off. Zappos was bought by Amazon, and recently, Hsieh retired.

But that's not the point of today's writing. More recently than that, Tony Hsieh died at age 46. Hsieh wasn't an idol of mine, he wasn't someone I have thought about for years, yet, his death was just another reminder of the presence and possibility of death.

Some view thinking of death as morbid, I find it to be the exact opposite. (Antonyms of morbid: wholesome, healthy.) Only when we remember death can we fully cherish and savor each moment we're blessed to have.

Sometimes when my girlfriend leaves the home, I tell her that I hope we're both alive later and can see each other again. Chances are, we will. But I find it helpful to remember, it's not guaranteed. I often go in for a hug or a second hug to truly cherish that moment of being with someone I love.

On Monday we pick up a puppy.  Though I haven't yet met him, I already love him. And though it's hard to acknowledge, I know we'll lose him some day. Yes, I'm already preparing for the death of a dog I haven't yet met.

Again, this may seem odd, but I know this reminder helps me love those I do and look forward to loving.

No future moment is guaranteed, we only have this moment, and this one, and this one...

Let those you love know you love them.

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Jamie Larson