Unilateral Virtue

What's the virtue you're committed to embodying unilaterally?

Unilateral Virtue

I just finished a meditation focused around the topic of Unilateral Virtue.

Essentially, the meditation posed the following question: what is a virtue you're committed to embodying regardless of external circumstances?

For the sake of today's exercise, we'll define virtue as a commendable quality or trait. (Think: compassionate, energetic, present, grateful, kind.)

The meditation teacher then asked me to consider: if at your funeral you were being judged for one virtue, which virtue would you like that to be?

This reminded me of a passage from the book I'm currently reading, Hero on a Mission. In it, Donald Miller poses the following question:

How much more meaningful would our stories be if, at our funeral, people talked less about our accomplishments and more about our encouragement?

This question resonated with me so much that I jotted it down onto a piece of paper. Doing so helped me solidify the fact that encouragement is vital to me being the type of person I want to be.

If there's one thing I aim to do in these posts and in my coaching, it's that I aim to encourage.

What is it for you?

What's the virtue you're committed to embodying unilaterally?

Imagine someone leaves a conversation with you, whether they've known you for decades or you just met, and they say...

"Wow, they sure are _____."

What do you want them to say?

Both now and at your funeral. What's the virtue you're committing to showing up with?

For me it's encouragement and today I encourage you to consider this question and to embody the virtue you choose, unilaterally, in every interaction hereafter.