We all know that death awaits, so why would I remind us? Because remembering death’s inevitability can help us bring more of ourselves to this year, this week, this day, and this moment.

Death brings urgency and that urgency brings intentionality to the time we spend on this earth - and that’s a good thing, a really good thing.

I’m not purporting that we live today like it’s our last, but if it were, that we lived it well, that we lived it with pride. I like Seneca’s wisdom on the subject:

“Every day, therefore, should be regulated as if it were the one that brings up the rear, the one that rounds out and completes our lives.”

We won’t know when it’s our last day but if we regulate each day as if it could be, we’ll live a good life.

What really matters to you? If yesterday was your last day, would you be proud?

Do what matters, and do it often. Because what really matters is all that matters.


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