When You Get Stuck: Acceptance, Curiosity, Action

When You Get Stuck: Acceptance, Curiosity, Action

I can get stuck for hours, days, even weeks at a time. Not necessarily regressing, but definitely not growing in the way I'd like. This can be frustrating.

Often we aim to think our way out of this state...and it simply doesn't work.

Overthinking leads to rumination, and ruminating on a perceived sense of being stuck leads nowhere.

Often when we're stuck, trapped, or constricted, it can be hard to remember how to get back on track.

Though the order sometimes varies, there are three things I find help me get unstuck. Starting with one can lead to the others, and often shortly thereafter, all three come together.  

Acceptance: We have to be willing to accept what is true. We have to accept our feelings, accept our desires, and fully accept our present moment.

Curiosity: We have to stay curious by asking questions like:

  • What is this feeling calling me to do?
  • What is something I could do right now to get a little less stuck?
  • What would a loved one recommend I do in this moment?

Action: Any philosophy that ends with anything but action is futile. Whatever comes from acceptance and curiosity, take action on. Take that walk, write that letter, clean that closet, get a good night's rest.

As I mentioned above, you can start with either Acceptance, Curiosity, or Action. But if I had a favorite, it would be action. Get started, get in motion. Only through doing so can we become a little less stuck now, and unstuck and flourishing in the moments, hours, and days ahead.

(And yes, we will get stuck again. When that happens, remember: acceptance, curiosity, action.)