I like to commemorate changes in my way of thinking as plainly as possible, as I have done so with this title. Before bringing home Leon (our puppy), I didn't have much cause to walk outside in winter. It's cold, and the cold is a bit uncomfortable, right? Well sure, but there was a lot I was missing out on too.

I was missing out on opportunities for sunlight, to move my body, and to expose my senses to the beautiful outdoors. Why? Because it was a bit uncomfortable and because...people just don't walk outside in winter.

Then, as I was thinking about walking in winter, I thought of the people who walk in malls for exercise. I know that when we were kids, we used to think this was weird. Now I can understand and appreciate the value of walking and celebrate those who choose to make the trip to the mall to exercise, knowing that it's all the easier to stay inside, not walking.

Though I've written about walking in a number of my articles, walking was not my primary focus here. My aim is to share that oftentimes doing what's healthy and what promotes our own well-being is not going to be the normative behavior.

In order to seek a life of value and contentment, we have to push against the grain.

So whether it's walking in winter, choosing to take the stairs, or choosing reading over your phone, do the things that work for you and that help you feel more connected to your best self.

You can walk in winter, you can do anything.

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