Slight Adjustments

Slight Adjustments

When we feel "off" or "wobbly" it can be tempting to want to overhaul everything.

Rarely though is drastic change the answer. Constant, frenetic change will not lead to a feeling of groundededness and tranquility.

Instead, I've found that making a series of small adjustments over time is most helpful.

In my journal yesterday I wrote:

  • Less screen time
  • More time in coffee shops
  • More meditation
  • Less comparison
  • More water

I kept things as simple as I noted above. I didn't want to over-complicate or over-analyze. Instead, I did a quick check-in to bring some awareness to the slight adjustments I want to make in the coming week.

Next week the list will change and I'll go from there.

Be willing to make slight adjustments. They will add up over time.

What slight adjustments are you excited to make in the coming week?