The Next Right Action

The Next Right Action

Have you ever just felt "off?"

Of course you have!

If you're like me, you'll oscillate between times you're on and happy, and times you're off and less contented.

When we're off, it's easy to take a look at all the things that are wrong or all the things that we're not doing that we know we could be doing to help get us back on track. This can be especially difficult to grapple with when we had been previously, or even very recently, been doing the things that help us to be happy and enjoying the benefits, whatever that may be for us.

For me, it's exercising, eating well, getting good sleep, learning, and connecting with friends and loved ones.

In those moments when you're off, it can feel impossible to get back on track.

I'm not eating well, setting aside time for learning, and I'm barely will I ever get back to a place where I'm doing these things more consistently?

What helps me is to simplify.

Instead of trying to think my way out of my perceived hole and figure out how I can get everything back on track all at once, I instead ask, "What's the next right action I can take here?"

If it's towards the end of that day, my answer might be to do what I can to get to bed early so that I can get a good night's sleep.

Or perhaps it's doing something small to move my body.

And maybe it's drinking water or eating a healthy snack so I avoid the temptation to eat something less nutritious.

I can't fix everything all at once, but I can take the next right action. And if I can do that a few times in a row, or do so consistently enough to swing momentum back to the place I want to be, I can get back on track.

The next time you feel overwhelmed, off track, or frustrated, keep it simple. Take a breath and ask yourself what next right action you can take. One step and one action at a time.