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Endless Opportunities for Gratitude

Endless Opportunities for Gratitude

Something going wrong can be used as a helpful trigger to look for and more deeply appreciate all we have to be grateful for.

For example, being sick the last couple of days has brought about a whirlwind of gratitude for...

  • My fiancé for making me healthy meals and taking care of me
  • My coworkers for understanding and supporting me while I'm out
  • My dog for keeping me company and giving me love  
  • Our home that keeps me safe and comfortable
  • Fresh, clean water that helps get me back to health
  • My health that's typically so stable, fending off most sickness
  • The level of mental clarify I typically have

...and so much more.

I looked back in the archives just now to see that I've written at least 12 articles to date about gratitude. If you're wanting a deeper dive into gratitude today, you can read those here:

We can practice gratitude each and every day. Not a day goes by where there aren't multiple things we can take moments to be grateful for.

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Jamie Larson